Studio Policy
The following is given to students and parents before or at the beginning of the first lesson.  New students are
asked to read it and complete and sign the registration form which follows on the next page. This is a
condensed version of the STUDIO HANDBOOK (not a replacement.)

My Mission As A Private Music Instructor And Coach        
will plan activities, teach, and coach students with the goal of awakening and enhancing each student's innate
abilities and talents, their love and passion for music.

Skills Offered Students:  
I offer training in a variety of styles including classical for both voice and piano (acoustic and keyboard). Theory
and exercises are included.  Other services include transcribing, arranging, and recording music.  Extra keyboards
are available for practice before and after lessons as well as for ensemble work.  Computer software (theory and
music history) is also available to enhance student learning. Occasionally extra lessons may become desirable and
will be discussed with the student and family in advance.  

Cost: Tuition is $126 per month per student per 45 minute lesson whether a four or five week month and will be
due the first week of each month, year round.  No tuition refunds are given for lessons not taken.

The studio will be closed 16 weeks per year (see ”Year Round Lessons” section) so monthly tuition is based on 36
of the 52 weeks per year, as follows:  [$42 per 45 minute lesson * 36 weeks of lessons per year  = the annual cost
of $1512 which is  divided by 12 months  = $126 per month].  As a result you are not charged for the sixteen
weeks the studio is closed even though the tuition is the same pro-rated amount each month, year round, including
December and July when the studio is closed.

Payment:  Please pay each month’s tuition the first week of each month.  If lessons are discontinued, you will be
charged for any unpaid lessons due to the monthly pro-ration, plus costs for books/materials provided the student
that are outstanding.   If the pro-ration has caused you to be charged for lessons not yet taken, you will be
refunded that amount. The calculation will take into account the past 12 months or the date you began lessons, if
less than one year.  For example – a student is a senior, begins lessons the first week of August and their last
lesson will be the end of June.  They will have been scheduled for all 36 lessons and will be required to pay for the
month of July like everyone else.  A weeks notice is requested prior to discontinuing lessons.  No tuition refunds
are given for lessons not taken.  Efforts are made to reschedule, whenever possible.

Place: Lessons will be conducted in my home in the lower level.   Moms or Dads are welcome to wait for their
child in my home in the lower level waiting area.  If you have questions or comments, let me know so we can
address them during your child's lesson, not the next student's lesson.  No interruptions during a lesson is
appreciated. Tables, chairs, telephone, keyboards, TV and a computer are available for use by those who are
waiting.  Please park on the left of the driveway.  My upstairs living area and bathrooms are off limits. You do not
need to knock before entering my home.  I ask that the first lesson of the day  arrive no earlier than a few minutes
prior to the lesson start time.

Absences:  The same monthly tuition is charged whether there are four or five weeks in a month or whether you
miss a lesson(s). It will be of benefit to call me as soon as you become aware that you cannot attend a lesson so
that I can try to schedule a makeup for you, as well as call another student who could make up their lesson during
your unattended time.  Lessons are normally given between  4:45 PM and 7:30PM Monday through Thursday and
between 9:00 AM and 12 noon on Wednesdays.   I am willing to use my personal time (after 7:30 PM and
weekends) to make up lessons missed due to storms and icy roads, but not because you forgot, are sick, or have
something else to do.  I will watch for openings to reschedule your lesson regardless of the reason you missed,
but cannot guarantee a makeup unless I know that another student will be absent at a time you can come.  I
frequently publish a weekly lesson schedule which I e-mail to you so that you can contact someone to trade times
with in advance of your absence thus assuring yourself a makeup- or let a sibling use your time.)  In addition, I
usually offer a couple of makeup days during the summer for those who feel they have missed a lot.  

The studio is open regardless of weather conditions, school days off, or national holidays. It is only closed as
outlined in the “Year Round Lessons” section, below. I ask that
you determine if the weather is too bad or the
roads are too icy to safely get here.

Please attend your lesson even if you have had difficulty in practicing during the week. This allows us to review
the prior week's assignment and get off to a fresh, positive and strong start for the new week. My experience is
that it is often very difficult, emotionally, for students to get back into practicing without a refresher lesson.

Recitals:  I intend to have informal recitals for reinforcement and recognition of the growth, skills and talents of
the students. Student attendance at my recitals is required. The families of my students will be invited. We also
participate in the Pikes Peak Music Teacher Association (PPMTA) and local piano teacher’s activities as each
student's interest indicates.  Tuition for these outside events is generally around $15 per student.  You may review
the list of upcoming events on my website under the Events tab.

Year Round Lessons:  The studio will be closed for two to three weeks between Christmas and New Years,
during Thanksgiving week and Spring break, the week prior to Spring Break and the first week of June.  The
length of summer break will be determined assuring that we have 36 weeks of lessons between August and the
end of July.  If you are planning to take additional vacation or time-off,
you may hold your slot by making
regular payments, the first week of each month.

Practice:   Students will be expected to practice 30 or more minutes per day.  Beginners will gradually increase to
30 minutes per day.  Those in level four and higher will need to practice between 1 and 3 hours daily depending on
their goals and participation in musical activities.  As a result, lessons will be more fun and the student's sense of
growth and accomplishment will be heightened.   

Books:   I will purchase the majority of music books and materials and ask to be reimbursed no later than with
the following months tuition.  The cost of the books will be noted in the student's notebook and is generally what
is printed on the book.   We will make every effort to use books that the student owns and purchase only what is

Each student is asked to bring a notebook that they have purchased to each lesson.  I will write their assignments
in this book and keep track of payments owed and received.  Voice students should bring a flash drive/USB to
each lesson..   Piano accompaniments are recorded on them so voice students can practice their songs by playing
the disc on a computer or in a clavinova.

Communication:  Parents and students are encouraged to call me with questions, to clarify assignments, or
discuss concerns. Misunderstandings often happen as time goes on, so let's address them as they surface.  I will
inform you of up-coming events through e-mail and/or memos sent home through the student.  I use the student’s
notebook to note times, dates, costs, etc. and parents can use it to write notes back to me.  It is a good idea to
check your e-mail before each lesson.  A photo album with pictures of past events is also located in the teaching

I will offer quality instruction as a professional music teacher.  I personally experience teaching music as a
beautiful way to spend my time.  I am confident that the skills you will be learning will pay off in many ways and
in many areas of your life. It is a wonderful step toward good study habits, becoming more focused, dedicated
and disciplined - for some of you at a very early age.  

Congratulations on taking the next step toward music mastery and the realization of your dreams where music is


Barbara Taylor    
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