Surrey With the Fringe on Top - Noah Page
Dancing Through Life - Noah Page
Love Never Dies - Olivia Johnson, age 16
Astonishing - Allison Bullock, age 18
Mama Who Bore Me - Ayana Kjonaas, age 16
How Could I Ever Know - Gabriella Tabib, age 18
A New Life - Elle Nasby, age 16
Shy - Keri Harling
Someone to Watch Over Me- Keri Harling
Les Poison - Eric Pettijohn
Look At Me Now - Ayana Kjonaas
Sway - Lizzie McCurdy
Take Me To The - Jennie Leski, 18
Matchmaker - Jennie Leski, age 18
When You Fall Out of Love -Jennie Leski, age 18
I Enjoy Being a Girl - Amanda Lewis
Wouldn't It Be Loverly - Amanda Lewis
How Could I Know? - Amanda Lewis
I'm Not That Girll - Sarah Pettijohn
Don't Cry Out Loud - Jordann Zybylski
My New Philosophy - Gretchen Vosburgh
Arms of an Angel - Krysha Rae
I've Got the Sun in the Morning - Carina Page
I Am Sixteen Going on Seventeen - Carina Page
There Is Nothing Like a Dame - Blake
You'll Never Walk Alone - Amanda Lewis
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas -Sydney Wilson
Shy - Sydney Wilson
Dream a Little of Me - Sydney Wilson
Don't Cry Out Loud - Jordann Zybylski
Home - Jordann Zybylski
Someone To Watch Over Me - Keri Harling
At Last - Niki Taylor
Home - Niki Taylor
The Wizard and I - Niki Taylor
Adalaide - Gretchen Vosburgh
One Boy- Elle Nasby
Show Me - Elle Nasby
I Could've Danced All Night - Leanne Rubinstien
Hold On - Leanne Rubinstien
My Grown Up Christmas List - Gabriella Tabib
Merry Christmas Darling - Gabriella Tabib
Just You Wait - Sophie Dasmalchi
Zip-A-Dee-Doo - Ruby Taylor, age 5
Rubbie Duckie - Claire Wilson
Wouldn't It Be Loverly - Claire Wilson
Out of My Dreams - Hannah Wilson
Part of Your World - Lauren Ruebenson
Do Re Mii - Lauren Ruebenson
Second Hand Rose- Stephanie Patenaude
Hello Mudda- Stephanie Patenaude
How Much Is That Doggy- Stephanie Patenaude
I'd Do Anything For You- Stephanie Patenaude
The Bare Necessities - Stephanie Patenaude
Cruella, Lauren Ruebenson
Spoonful of Sugar - Jennifer Auer
To Where- Amanda Lewis
Homeward Bound - Allison Bullock, age 18
Beau Soir - Gabriella Tabib. age 18
Drinking Gourd - Jared Crowe, age 17
Pur dicesti, o bocca bella - Olivia Johnson, age 17
O del mio - Olivia Johnson, age 17
Aurore - Olivia Johnson, age 17
My Lord What a Morning- Christina Grunden, age 14
Alma del core - Noah Page
Mi sueno - Noah Page
On The Road to Mandalay - Noah Page
Per la gloria -Jennie Leski
O del mio dolce ardor- Sarah Pettijohn
Lachen un vinen - Gabriella Tabib
Amazing Grace - Maya Dasmalchi
Flow My Tears - Keri Harling
Quella fiammaa - Keri Harling
An die Musik - Kari Harling
Apres un reve - Niki Taylor
Dove Sono - Niki Taylor
Quando m'en vo - Niki Taylor
Se tu m'ami - Niki Taylor, age 15
Aurore - Niki Taylor
The Lovely Song My Heart is Singing - Lillian Phelps
Amazing Grace - Krysha Rae, 2001
Per la Gloria - Amanda Lewis
Love & His Lass - Amanda Lewis
Deh Vieni, non tardar - Sydney Wilson
O cessate di piagarmi- Jordann Zyblyski
Sento nel core - Leanne Rubinstien
Go Way From My Window - Leanne Rubinstien
Alma del core - Ayana Kjonaas
To A Wild Rose - Jenny Westra
When I Have Sung My Songs to You- Lizzie McCurdy
Quella fiama- Lizzie McCurdy

Pie Jesu - Niki Taylor & Keri Harling
Lascia - Sarah, Jordann, Keri and Niki
Angel We Have Heard On High - Ensemble
Loathing - Keri & Jordann
The Prayer - Keri & Niki
Doe a Deer - Lauren Ruebenson & Claire Wilson
When You Believe - Sarah and Jordann
Londonderry Air - All voice students 2008 - live
Santa Baby -
Christmas Chopsticks  
Jingle Bell Rock
Silver Bells - Jordann & Sarah
Do-Wop - Keri, Sarah, Jordann, Niki

Kuhlau I- Brian Isak
Kuhlau II - Brian Isak
The Entertainer - Nicole McCloskey
Woodland Sonatina I - Nicole McCloskey
Just Struttin' - Brandon Clawson
Fiesta - Katelyn Filla
Sonatina - Brady Arnold
Surfboard - Christina Loehr
Sonatina II - Kaitlyn Clawson
Sonata K545, Mozart- Brian Isak
Bach Fugue- Brian Isak
Kuhlau -Brian Isak
Sonatina - Brian Isak
Girl With the Flaxen Hair, Debussy - Brian Isak
Sonatina in Seasons I - Brian Isak
Sonatina in Seasons III - Brian Isak
Jazz -Jenna Schaffert
Sonatina - Jennifer Auer
Sonatina - Jennifer Auer
Song of the Bird- Cynthia Lewis
Fughetta, Zipoli - Abigail Wooldridge
The Avalanche, Heller - Abigail Wooldridge
Solfeggio, Bach - Jeff Snow
Satie - Amanda Lewis - Amanda Lewis
Bagatelle, Tcherepnin - Kahle Atherton
Arabesque, Burgmuller - Kahle Atherton
Maple Leaf Rag, Joplin - Kahle Atherton
Sonatina Op 13, No. 1, I, Kabalevsky - Kahle Atherton
Jazz Sonatina III, Vandall - Nick Hagglof
Prelude in Cm, Bach - Nick Hagglof
Sonatina Op. 36, No. 5, Clementi, 3rd - Krysha Rae, 2001
Night Shadows- Christina Loehr
Sonatina III - Christina Loehr
Twilight- Mason Huddleson
Song - Stephanie Patenaude
Jazz I- Laura Douthit
Jazz III - Laura Douthit
Former student, Niki Taylor,
sings a solo with her college a
cappella group.  "
A Broken
Hearted Girl"