Handbook (continued)


I will suggest terminating lessons only in very rare cases, such as: (1) a major lack of
parental support as listed in the Parent’s Responsibilities Section, (2) consistently
very late payment of tuition, (3) missing too many lessons, too frequently, (4)
sustained inability to practice effectively, and (5) a student acting defiant or hostile.  
All concerns with the student will be discussed first with the student and if behavior
continues with the parent, prior to recommending termination.


Those calling on the day of the lessons to say you are not coming and are quitting will
be charged for the lesson.  Please give me a week’s notice.  Then I can fill the spot,
you don’t have to pay for any lessons not taken, and I have the opportunity to keep
my income steady.

Teachers have the right to expect that you will discuss any issues you have with them
and try to find a way to work things out before you start looking for a new teacher.  
Know that most teachers do not consider it ethical to meet with you unless your
current teacher is well aware of your concerns.  Your current teacher may even assist
you in finding the right teacher to meet your needs.  Whenever possible, let the
student and teacher have closure by letting the teacher know prior to the lesson that
this will be the last one.  Don’t wait until after the lesson to say you won’t be back
so the teacher does not spend the time making new assignments.  

In certain instances when you leave you may owe me for lessons scheduled, but not
yet paid for, or I may owe you because you have paid for lessons not yet taken.  I
complete a spreadsheet to detail where we stand.  The fiscal year begins in August.  

Let your teacher know the truth as to why your are leaving.  Nothing is more
exasperating to a teacher then finding out someone is leaving (or hearing they are
trying to find a new teacher) and you have had no chance to work through a problem.


There are always exceptions to everything.  For example, you may work beautifully
with your child in assisting them in learning their pieces and that is wonderful.  Or
your child might learn difficult pieces in a shorter or longer period of time then I
mentioned.   Know that I try very hard to work with each child’s strengths in a
personalized way.
The Barbara Taylor Music Studio