Handbook (continued)


If you have only a small electric keyboard you will need to plan on replacing it within
the first year of lessons for several reasons.  The small keyboards do not have enough
keys to play the assigned music and they need to learn how to use a sustaining pedal.  
Most important you will notice that when you press the keys you notice a “spongy”
feel with no resistance and no responsiveness to a difference in arm-weight (which
always produces loudness or softness on a traditional piano.  Students are unable to
become sensitive to loud and soft tones to play on a regular piano at competition

An 88 key “digital” piano is acceptable because the keys are made to be sensitive to
differences in arm-weight, so that a variety in the volume is possible.  Also, the keys
have a bit of resistance that feels more like a real piano.  However, after several years
of lessons and musical maturity, it becomes more and more urgent to own an acoustic
piano, because the student yearns to have the greater responsiveness and resonance
that it has.  If you purchase a digital piano, I would strongly recommend one with a
disk drive.  It is such an important teaching tool. Barry at Wells Music. located in
Denver  is not a commissioned salesperson and he will assist you in finding the right

Your piano should be tuned at least twice a year after the weather changes.  Students
try hard to produce beautiful sounds and cannot do so on a piano that is in poor
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