Handbook (continued)


I purchase the books required for the student’s education.  The cost for your books
can be paid immediately upon receipt or added to the next month’s tuition.  I charge
the rate that is listed on the book(s) and itemize the cost in the student’s notebook.   I
ask that each student bring a notebook to each lesson.  Students will be charged an
additional $1.00 for tapes or CDs recorded on for practice.

The majority of festival fees are $15.00 and should be paid to me one month prior to
the festival/competition because that is when I must mail in the enrollment rosters and
tuition check for all students. All entry fees are non-refundable once the due date has


Event include a  Festival in November, a competitive Festival in February, a non-
competitive Festival in March, Achievement Day in April, state Theory Tests in
May,  and the State Competition in June.  In addition, I hold a Christmas Recital and
a Spring Recital in the Studio.  Vocal students can participate in everything.  I
encourage everyone to enter at least one festival/competition and require all students
to perform in my recitals unless we feel the performance anxiety level is too high.

Dress must be appropriate for performance (no jeans, tee shirts, sneakers, bare
midriffs or short skirts).   Girls need to wear shoes that you can walk gracefully on
stage in.  Practice singing and your piano pedaling with your performance shoes on so
there are no surprises during performance.  Fingernails must be clipped for piano

Books containing the music you are performing must be brought to each event for the
judges.  Clip the pages so that the songs being played can be easily found.  Measures
must be numbered.  Entry fees must be paid to your teacher one month prior to the
event and are non-refundable.  Teachers and parents are not allowed in the room when
their child plays for a judge in the competitive Sonatina Festival.  All of the other
events are generally in recital format.

Students who are not playing their songs sufficiently well one week prior to the
festival will be asked to drop out and their entry fee will not be refunded.  Last
minute cramming is not acceptable and almost never produces a polished performance.

The judge’s decisions are final.  Win gracefully and support and congratulate other
winners.  All you can do as a contestant is learn your song/piece carefully as far ahead
of the event as possible.  Not winning does not mean that you aren’t an excellent
musician.  It just means you didn’t win.  

Disruptive attendees whether parents, teachers or students will disqualify students
from competing in the event.  Judges decisions are final.
The Barbara Taylor Music Studio