HANDBOOK (continued)


Always catch your child doing something right.  Resist the temptation to criticize and
correct.  Let your teacher do that.  It is a rare child who will let their parents correct
their playing even when the parents are accomplished musicians.  I do, however,
appreciate your assistance in helping your child find a regular time to practice each
day, assure they have focused on their weekly lesson assignment as described under
“Practice” above, and acknowledge their progress regularly. Also see, “The Parent’s
Role” section, below.

The person who inspired me the most as I was growing up was a man from the
church who often complimented me after I performed saying he really enjoyed the
piece.  This lifted my spirit and always made me want to do better the next time.  I
still find that in the last two churches that I’ve played for, it is the positive comments
that keep me going.  They make such a big difference.  You feel like you are doing
something that is meaningful and that maybe you make someone’s life a little bit
richer.  Just think you can inspire and motivate an aspiring musician just like the man
in my church did for me!!!  I have seen many of you doing just this.
The Barbara Taylor Music Studio