Handbook (continued)


If, on occasion, the student has not practiced – they usually tell me why their week
was so busy – I assure them they will get back to their regular practice schedule the
following week.    If the lack of practice continues on for several weeks, we talk about
how they can fit practice into their busy schedules.    I may make up a practice chart
for them to fill in.  I find this doesn’t generally work.  The kids that practice regularly
fill them in.  Those that don’t practice, don’t fill them in.  

When students don’t practice and I’ve tried everything I can think of to inspire them,
I will discuss discontinuing lessons with the parents until the student indicates that
they are eager to play again.  I don’t want them to become negative about playing or
singing because they are forced to continue to attend lessons.  Coming unprepared
over time becomes very stressful for them and I know that students don’t like to
disappoint me.  Many who have discontinued have come back a few years later and
are very ready to learn and practice.
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