Fun Sites

FREE music at this web site includes
    •        Bach two-part  inventions, preludes and fugues
    •        Pieces by Chopin, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Tchaikovsky,  Brahms,
    Saint-Saens, Clementi, Purcell, Haydn
    •        Czerny’s 100 progressive exercises& Hanon Exercises
    •        Church music, children’s, folk, rag, etc.
    •        Music arranged for several different instruments
    •        Blank manuscript paper
    •        Weekly practice record  
    •        Posters

The downloaded pieces print very well.  Click here to Print "Moonlight Sonata"
You can order music from this site as well as download at the same cost you would buy
them for at the store - without the time and gas it takes to go to the store.  You can
change the key that the piece/song is in before you print it.

GENERAL WEB SITES  For students who don't have a metronome and
have a cell phone by their piano. a multi-media dictionary and appendix which
has all sorts of music terms and information

PIANO EDUCATION DOWNLOADS (Piano Technicians Guild) - info about inside of piano, parts,
videos, games piano explorer online page - listening guide, links

VOCAL DATA BASES for lyrics to almost any song. translations, scene descriptions, MIDI text and translations of lieder and art songs understanding the German Fach system of
voice-typing educational resource for singers and
their teachers. (National Center for Voice and Speech)

THEORY, HISTORY AND EAR TRAINING which is a music history study/quiz site  Theory site   Great for ear training for the State Tests on recognizing
chords, intervals and scales.

FREE SHEET MUSIC DOWNLOADS Download sheet music in public domain (sonatas,
arias, etc.)  Download sheet music in public domain (sonatas,
arias, etc.)

OPERA PERFORMANCE AND AUDITIONS  (organization of Colorado youth choirs)  (Colorado-specific events, auditions, and commentary
newsletter)  (National Opera Association)

OTHER USEFUL SITES: (Denver Musicians Association) (U.S. Copyright Office) (The Classical Music MIDI page) (MIDI and more) (website host, social network for studio, lesson calendar,
blog and more.